Tsherim Resort
luxury hotel in bhutan

Tsherim resort is the best place for Multi Cuisine Dining which serves international cuisine of international standards. This superb dining options complete the experience of the guests in the country. Guests can expect the most professional and dedicated services in the country from Tsherim resort. The dinning is available for private functions. Therefore, come and relax in an extraordinary atmosphere.

Food and beverage services

Lead by an experienced chef, Tsherim resort offers all kinds of dishes from the continental to exotic including the finest of Indian, Chinese and western cooking. It also blends local specialty fare for unforgettable tastes. The wine gallery provides a feast for the senses with Bhutan made wines and an extensive collection of wines. 

Conference hall

The conference room has additional services and amenities. It has served as the meeting place. The resort has the best conference hall outfitted with modern amenities that can cater to 30 to 40 people for any functions. It can easily be converted to meet your every requirement with fully equipped facilities. It is one of the best conference destinations for board meetings, corporate seminars, and business, among others.


The priceless quality of service is one of the fundamental values of Tsherim resort. All the facilities of the resort await its guests. The harmony of the exclusive atmosphere and the unique character attract guests from all over the world. 

Free Wi-Fi access 

The resort provides stable and fast connection free Wi-Fi in all the rooms, dining, and conference hall and within the resort premises as an amenity for guests. 

Room services 

–The resort provides daily in-room services in all rooms in the morning hours. This includes housekeeping, cleaning of the room, washroom and bathroom, among others.

Laundry services 

The resort provides in-house laundry services. It can be returned to the rooms within four to five hours. 


Washrooms and bathrooms are decorated with marble and shower. This provides a safe environment for the guests.