Tsherim Resort
luxury hotel in bhutan

Tsherim resort is one of the finest resorts in Paro. It has a fine tradition of hospitality excellence with massive wooden beams and antique furnishings. It holds the modern design with traditional Bhutanese architecture. A unique and truly intimate atmosphere welcomes international guests with exemplary service. It provides a sense of privacy and sanctuary. The resort will make the most memorable stay at any time of the year.

Tsherim resort has been providing a welcoming and safe accommodation for the guests. The resort understands the needs and requirements of visitors and accordingly, arranges accommodation to best suit your needs. It also provides friendship as well as a safe and stable living experience that is tolerant of cultural differences. The services live up to the expectation of the people who are dedicated to making sure they have a safe and enjoyable resort in Bhutan.

Unlike other resorts, Tsherim resort has a large parking space near the resort. The parking has enough space to operate at full capacity for all types of vehicles. These are just some of the reasons why Tsherim resort is better than ever. Make any stay at the resort truly memorable. Therefore, Tsherim resort invites you to fill your true dreams and benefit from its special service.